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Why 'BiBu'? BiBu means Ibu or Mummy.. Rakha, my first son called me BiBu ;) *lovin' it*

BiBu Cakes is my second biggest experiment after having babies ;P Here you can see all of my million trials and errors :D I can't even count the laughter I've spent for all the stupidity occurred during those times, and it ended up with making fool of myself. Haha But, it worthy when it became better than yesterday (it's just an enough encouragement for me :)) Yet, am still learning and trying to give my best shot for all the trust that you've given me to bake a cake/cupcake/cookie for your special events :D

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Princess Cupcakes for Kaka Lana


Pesenan dari Mba Indra untuk 3rd b'day little girl nya Kaka Lana :)

Terimakasih ya Mba Indra.. Happy 3, Kaka Lana :D

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